Vape Wholesale

What is Vape Wholesale service?

VaporSeller offers the best vape wholesale prices and terms available in the market. We carry over 2000 vape products, vaporizers, mods, accessories. The great feature of our wholesale program is that it is customized based on your business needs. If you are just starting a vaping business and do not want to commit to a large scale order, we have a vape dropship program for you. If you are an online seller, we have other custom selling options for you. No matter who big or small your order is, we will offer you great alternatives where you can grow your business to the next level.

Vape wholesale product group

How is our vape wholesale service is different?

VaporSeller vape wholesale service is extremely unique because unlike most other companies we offer customized service based on your business needs. Each wholesale account has different terms, options and opportunities, custom tailored to your needs. Each account has a representative and we not only provide customer service to you but also support your own customers if you ask us to do so. 

Who do we provide vape wholesale service to?

  • Online vaporizer dealers
  • Brick & morter stores.
  • Vape wholesalers
  • Mod sellers
  • Bloggers/affiliate sellers.
  • Marketplace sellers like eBay, Amazon stores.

What is vaporizer dropship service?

This is a great wholesale vaporizer program for smaller size businesses. You own your own store and you do your own sales. We provide the fullfilment service for you. We will ship to your customers while you are collecting payments from your customers. This is a great program if you do not want to store inventory or deal with shipping procedures. Government has a lot of regulations in terms of how vapes and mods can be shipped. You do not have to worry about a lot of compliance complications. You focus on selling and advertising. We will take care of all your shipments for you and provide you with tracking numbers for each order. You will communicate directly with your customers. We are simply your warehouse and fullfilment session for all items. This is a great program for brick and morter stores who want to sell online as well.

Which products do you offer? Do you sell mods for wholesale?

Yes we offer over two thousand vape products and that includes mods like Joyetech Egrip, Kanger, Aspire, IPV, Innokin. Eleaf. We carry most popular vaporizer brands like Arizer vape, Haze V3, Flowermate Vapormax V and Magic Flight Launch Box.

What is our return policy for wholesale vapes?

We accept returns of all unused products within 7 days. The returns are extremely easy.

Do we offer payment terms for sellers?

If your order volume is large enough, we can offer 10-15 and 30 day terms. This is a great way of risk free wholesale vaporizer sales for you. 

How about prices?

As you can see on our portal, we offer the best prices for all items. You will have direct access to the latest vape brands at the best prices.

How do I open a wholesale account for my vape business?

Please contact our customer service directly and one of our wholesale specialists will contact you to better understand your needs and see which program will help your business better.