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Vaporizers are becoming extremely popular for aromatherapy usage. Best vaporizers are classified under three main categories: Pen Vaporizers, Portable Vaporizers and Tabletop Vaporizers. The personal vaporizers are also called as portable  or pen vapes and they are primarily for vaping liquid content. Wax vaporizer or oil vaporizer are common attributes given to portable pen vaporizers. The handheld vaporizers are larger units but way more mobile than tabletop vaporizers. Handheld vaporizers can vape all different material types such as wax, liquid, loose leaf and others. Loose leaf vaporizers can be used for your dry ground leaf. They do exceptional job but when it comes to performance, you need to look at tabletop vaporizers. Desktop vaporizers are also referred to as "Tabletop Vaporizer". They are mainly for in-home use. These plugin vaporizers are extremely powerful and cater to performance vapers. You are sacrificing mobility and portability but you are getting volume and precision. When you are looking for vaporizers for sale, it is best practice to understand the differences between vaporiser categories and what they offer to a vaper. Best vaporiser is always a healthier alternative to combustion. 

We stock all kind of top vaporizer models such as Pax 3, Crafty vaporizer, Mighty vaporizer, plenty vaporizer, Arizer solo, Firefly 2, g pen elite and many more... Please make sure to visit our Top Vaporizers page for rankings of the best vaporizer brands.