Tabletop Vaporizer

Desktop Vaporizers or Tabletop Vaporizers are still extremely popular and newer models are getting smaller in size while offering more advanced vapor technology to the users.

There are three main types of desktop vaporizers available on the market today:

- Forced Air Vaporizer - A forced air vaporizer or balloon vaporizer has an internal fan that blows the vapor into a vape bag or vape balloon. When the bag is filled, you put it to your mouth and inhale the vapor. The Volcano Vaporizer by Storz and Bickel is considered by many to be the best bag vaporizer.

- Direct Draw Vaporizer - With a direct draw vaporizer, vapor is inhaled with a device called a vaporizer whip. The vape whip consists of three parts: the vaporizer wand where the vape material is placed, the vaporizer mouthpiece that you put to your mouth, and the vaporizer tubing that connects the two parts. A whip style vaporizer may require you to hold the vape whip in place while you take a draw, or it may have a hands-free connection that holds the whip for you. Some popular whip vaporizers include the DaBudha Vaporizer, the VaporBrothers Vaporizer, and the Silver Surfer Vaporizer.

Combination Vaporizer - A combination vaporizer allows you to use both vape bags and vape whips. These vaporizers include a fan that can be turned on to fill a vaporizer bag, or it can feed the vapor automatically through the vaporizer whip. With the fan turned off, a vape whip can be used in the traditional way as a direct draw device. The Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer is one of the best vaporizers for those looking for a combination model.

 In order to find the Best Desktop Vaporizer for your needs, you can check out the several brands offered on this page and read customer reviews on desktop vaporizers. You can also use our Vape Guide to select the Best Desktop Vaporizer for your needs.