Haze Vape

Haze Vape is the first and only dual chamber vaporizer of the market and it is one of the most versatile vaporizers within the portable vaporizer category. Haze vape dual chambers can be packed with any material type. Haze vaporizer can effectively extract active ingredients from dry ground flower, oil, liquid, wax, shatter, thick concentrates. This is one of the best all-in-one portable vaporizers available today. Haze vape uses removable 18650 batteries which are extremely convenient. The portability of this brand is remarkable especially with their unique pre-pack in advance concept canisters.Haze vaporizer also comes with removable/rechargable ion power. The two 2600 mAh batteries of the Haze vape allows 1-1.5 hour of continuous operation and allows you to swap them on the go. You can read a full review of Haze vape under our Vaporizer Reviews page. The price point of the Haze vaporizer is very competitive and offers great value compared to other portable vaporizers