Arizer Vape is one of the oldest and strongest name brands in the vaporizer market. Arizer Vape products and vaporizers are manufactured and imported from Canada. The latest release of the brand is the new Arizer Air vaporizer which is the second portable vape model after Arizer Solo. The company also carries two desktop vaporizers called Arizer Extreme Q and V-Tower. The Extreme Q model is a hybrid tabletop vaporizer which is compatible with balloon style and whip style vaporization. The V-Tower is the cheaper model and compatible with only whip style vapor production. Arizer Solo and Arizer Air are the portable vaporizers. The Arizer Vape brand always uses premium material and solid production technique in all of their vaporizer models. Arizer Vape unique features can be summarized as anodized aluminum usage, stainless steel and glass elements for pure vapor taste. These are also pretty cheap vaporizers and offer great value. Our team has reviewed all Arizer Vape models under Vaporizer Reviews section.