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Reward Program: Earn VaporPoints, Save Dollars

Welcome to VaporSeller's Reward Program!

Be active online and earn significant discounts. Earning VaporPoints is easy! In order to qualify for the Reward Program, you must have an active VaporSeller account. Don't have one yet? No problem, you can quickly create one here!

If you already have an account with us, login here. Once logged into your Vaporseller account, you can view your accumulated points and use them at your preference. Here are some ways to earn and redeem VaporPoints:

How Do I Earn Points?

*There is a maximum of 500 points that can be acquired per purchase

Earning Points Pig
Action Points
Creating a VaporSeller account 20 VaporPoints
Subscribing for the Newsletter 20 Vaporpoints
Valid Product Review 30 Vaporpoints
Referral 50 Vaporpoints
Product Purchase $1 = 1 Vaporpoint

How Do I Redeem VaporPoints?

You can apply your Vaporpoints at checkout. For every point, you will gain $0.01 that can be used on your next purchase.

*There is NO limitation on the Vaporpoints you can use towards your purchase

Total Points Dollars
100 $1 OFF
200 $2 OFF
300 $3 OFF
400 $4 OFF
500 $5 OFF
Redeem Points

End of Year Rewards

Regardless of the points you have already used, you will qualify for these end of year rewards with the total points you collect in 2015.

End of Year Rewards
Total Points Reward
500-999 $15 VS Gift Card + Vape Accessories
1000-1999 $25 VS Gift Card + T-Shirt + Vape Accessories
2000-2999 $35 VS Gift Card + T-Shirt + Vape Accessories
3000-3999 $50 VS Gift Card + Fitness Tracker + Vape Accessories
4000+ $75 VS Gift Card + Amazon Fire TV Stick + Vape Accessories

For any questions related to our Reward Program, please email Support@Vaporseller.com

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