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EazyVapor - Top Vapor Twin

All Substances - Dry Material, Fluid-Oil and Wax/Oil Desktop / Tube Style Power Cord Operated - No Battery

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 Easy Vape Top Vapor Twin Vaporizer Features:

  • Digital Temperature Control
  • Hands free operation
  • Dual heating elements
  • Temperature memory setting
  • Easy Vape Top Vapor Twin Vaporizer

Easy Vape Top Vapor Twin Vaporizer includes:

  • 1 x Easy Vape Top Vapor Twin Vaporizer
  • 2 x Glass whip kits
  • 1 x Stainless steel screen set
  • 1 x Cleaning stick


2 Years

EazyVape Vaporizer - Top Vapor Twin

  • EazyVape Vaporizer - Top Vapor Twin
  • EazyVape Vaporizer - Top Vapor Twin
  • EazyVape Vaporizer - Top Vapor Twin
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All Substances - Dry Material, Fluid-Oil and Wax/Oil Desktop / Tube Style Power Cord Operated - No Battery

Easy Vape Vaporizer comes among the most innovative types of vaporizers due its uniqueness. Backed with its cheap price, it is quite affordable and the ideal thing for the party lovers. One of its unique features is its dual heating element that has two whip attachments. The Easy Vape Vaporizer also comes with a digital system for control of temperature though it also has a preset button through which you can feed your favourite vaping temperature into its memory. The Easy Vape Vaporizer comes as the ideal type for people who love unique things with extra added features that make it stand out as quite notable among different vaporizers.

The unit can heat up to 500F in very few minutes and gives an effective output of heat and overall performance. The hands free whip kit is comfortable and quite easy to use. The glass mouthpieces and heater cover contribute to giving good taste, adding to the hardwood housing. Its sleek features not only give it that good attractive look but also make it classy and quite durable. Adding to this is its affordability. It is also very easy to clean and its LED lights help in giving an ambiance.

Features of the Easy Vape Vaporizer: 

  • Digital Temperature Control: It controls your vaping temperatures and sets them automatically while you use it. It also has a preset button that allows you to feed your favourite vaping temperature into its memory, therefore, it lights up to the specific on its own.
  • Hands Free Operation: It allows comfort and easy operation without straining.
  • Dual Heating Elements: It has two whip attachments that give it its uniqueness as it enables the intake of double whips, thus double the enjoyment.
  • Temperature memory setting: It enables the vape to heat up based on frequently used temperatures, as it sets them automatically. With that, there is no need to keep setting the temperatures every time one needs to heat up the vape.

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